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Our clients had just finished installing a pool and decking and needed help designing a cabana and tying the new elements into the existing landscape. The family needed a space that provided storage, a restroom, and an area for cooking and entertaining friends. 


This project’s design included widening and extending an existing walkway so guests can easily head straight to the pool. Smart space planning, including building a deck on the back of the cabana, allowed us to pack concealed storage, a bathroom, outdoor kitchen, and dining space into a compact footprint. 


Cabana finishes and outdoor furnishings were selected for their ability to withstand the elements and heavy use alongside blending with the previously installed pool decking. 


We were able to partner with our clients’ pool and decking installers and a general contractor to deliver a space that allows for easy outdoor living and entertaining. The result is a yard made for easy poolside entertaining.

Photography by Abby Murphy

Tidal Creek Designs - On The Wando
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