About the Designer

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Kristian Thiem - designer

“I have always been designing in some way, shape or form.”

Kristian knew before she graduated high school that she wanted to become a  landscape designer. While life took her down a different path—for a while—natural living and artistic design have been always been staples in her life.

Kristian graduated culinary school and founded her first company at age 21, a dog bakery that she grew from a farmers market booth to a regionally  distributed brand with multiple farmers markets and a brick-and-mortar location and distribution to companies like Whole Foods. Sustainability, nutritional value, local ingredients and a strong community connection were the pillars of that company. Those same tenants stayed dear to Kristian when she chose to pursue her foundational love of natural landscape design.

Tidal Creek Designs is Kristian’s synthesis of all of her loves. With her design degree and sustainability certifications, natural knack for creativity and passion for clean living, Kristian operates Tidal Creek Designs with the precision of a chef, the creativity of an artist and the mindfulness of a mother. Every project is designed to help people thrive in a sustainable environment, both beautiful and Earth-friendly. Her eventual goal is to cultivate foodscaping, landscape design that incorporates edible elements. Imagine: a garden that’s picturesque and also produces sustenance.

Kristian is not only an entrepreneur, but also a wife, the proud mother to two children, her two  dogs, and her flock of chickens When she’s not designing or consulting, you’ll find her spending time with her family, brainstorming new projects, working in her garden and fishing.



Faith, Family, Sustainable living, nutrition, clean products, a local lifestyle.

Favorite Design Projects:

The Church Entry for it’s community connection, a 3-acre project on Lake Moultrie for its grand scope, and the family chicken coop in her backyard garden.



Email Kristian - tidalcreekdesigns@gmail.com